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The Late Bishop & Pastor
 Shirley A. Tisdale - Walker
Sunset: September 30, 2016
To know the will of GOD is the greatest knowledge,
to find the will of the LORD is the greatest discovery, and to do the will of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the greatest achievement you will ever encounter. Then we can let GOD open the path to the new blessings that HE has instore for us. 
Elder Karen Dabney-Day
Installation June 18, 2017
The Late Bishop John D. McRae
Sunset: August 31, 2007
Deacon Earl Baucom
Resident Agent
Pastor and Staff
In loving memory of our Founder Bishop John McRae and the late successor Bishop Shirley Tisdale-Walker. 
Loving Memory
Trustee James Baucom
Trustee Byron Day Sr.
Secretary Tyesha Dabney